Susane Colasanti



Normally I would never do a book review like this, but after reading two books by this author I can not do the normal. I am sure that many of  you loved these books and that is perfectly fine but I want to make this clear before I continue. THIS BLOG PAGE ABOUT BOOKS ARE THE OPINIONS OF MYSELF AND DANI ALONE! With that being said, I could not stand these books. I know that when you pick up a Young Adult book you run the chance of it being written like a high school teens love letter or a middle school project for English class. But after reading so many good books in Young Adult this by far was the worse. I love to feel as though I am transferred somewhere in these and YES this book did do that, but it took me to the snob high school talk most can't stand when they are even in high school. With such writing as: He was like"blah blah blah." And I was like"blah blah blah." And then he goes"blah blah!" I am sorry to say that I will not be reading another book by this author and that saddens me because I really try to move on with any author but like I said after reading two books like this I can not do so.

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