Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Drama Queens with Love Scenes


Oh how I loved this book. The humor was right up my ally and the drama was never ending. Within the first few chapters my mouth was literally agape. How could he do that...and of course the perspective is entirely Allan's'.  

In that first chapter you are bombarded with this new idea of heaven, an angel with issues, and a snop to say the least. Then of course there is the lovely decor, different sections within heaven, which of course only add depth to this book; but for me it was the humor within the story that I loved so much. Of course not to say I didn't LOVE this story but the author had this amazing way of giving even the heavy moments a bit of fluff. 

I absolutely hate giving spoilers so I will end with saying that this book was amazing and I hold this author high in ranking. I look forward to reading more books from him and I highly recommend you read this one. 

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  1. There's a reprint with a new publisher of this novel, along with the first release of its sequel.

    Check out http://www.wildecity.com/authors/kevinklher/ for more details.