Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Space Between


Main Characters

Lucifer: Satan/Daphne's father
Lilith: Demon/Daphne's mother and mother to Obie
Daphe: Demon/Lead female in the book
Moloch: Demon/Daphne's cousin
Obie: Daphne's brother
Truman: Human who helps Daphne find her brother
Azrael: Angel
Dark Dreadful: Monster/right hand of Azrael

In this book Daphne takes the lead with Truman by her side. I absolutely love the twist on the biblical story of Adam and Eve, instead, there was Adam and Lilith who became pregnant with Obie and after leaving the Garden of Eden. When she returned there was another woman in her place, Eve. Lilith then met Lucifer and since she has been trapped in hell, in a room of steel flowers and vines that gives her glimpses of the human world.

After Obie leaves hell for, of all things, love, she gets a glimpse of something horrible and soon Daphne is racing against human time, in a world so strange to her, to find her brother before Azrael and Dark dreadful. Enlisting the help of Truman , they must race to discover the truth and something far more surprising then the reader could imagine.

The author put a lot of thought into her characters and spun the bible in a way that makes you want to keep reading. Daphne and Truman make quite a pair, both of them internally fighting their own confusion and demons. She never takes away the demonic attributes but instead shows them in a way that makes them vunerable, beautiful, and loving, even at their most terrible. This book will suck you in heart and sole.

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