Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dearly, Departed


  Oh how I loved this book of classic society in a futuristic sense, not to mention love it its most beautiful form.

   Nora didn’t think herself anything special, if anything she was different. Merely for her love of politics, war, and her dislike of certain social standards. That all changes when she meets a rather different kind of hero; Bram is anything but normal and certainly not a catch…or so he thought.

   The only way to describe this book would be to compare. Imagine the world of Jane Austen, yet instead of your mother attempting to marry you off for money, it is your aunt and you have no siblings. Now, we throw in a dash of Warm Bodies with your love interest being a completely irresistible Zombie! I have to say this author rocked it when it came to mixing those two elements.

  I fell in love with a book, a Zombie, and the beauty of their love; the kind of love that is not fueled by lust but by the heart. Mine broke and healed all in the course of this book and I strongly recommend it.

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