Thursday, May 2, 2013


For Thee. Thou art Famine.
Thou art the Black rider.

   Something that made me really enjoy this book is that there is a lesson to learn from it. We tend to forget on a daily basis the pain that is caused around the world by hunger; the thousands that starve daily while we enjoy our abundance of food, the ability to throw away scraps or leftovers in the trash, or that we even have left overs.

   Lisa lives every day with hunger, a hunger she has chosen due to the overwhelming need to be thin, but her attitude will soon be called to change. She is now dubbed Famine and will be faced with a hunger that is not chosen nor wanted. She is brought face to face with the power of hunger and what it can do to people, the damage it brings, and the lives it takes on a daily basis. Seeing this causes her to change, to leave her bubble of selfishness, and see things for what they truly are…including herself.

Whether you are starving yourself for the perfect body or relishing on a daily basis in Gluttony, there is a lesson to learn.

"Uh, do I have to hand in a resignation letter?"
"You have to sign your name in blood, bequeathing your firstborn son to me."
"Kidding." Death chuckled. "Like I want to change diapers. Even one such as I has limits"

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