Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Replacement


Main Characters
Mackie Doyle: Lead Character
Emma: Mackie's sister
Roswell: Mackie's best friend
The Corbett Twins: Friends to Mackie and Roswell
Alice: Likes Mackie, snob
Janice: From The House of Mayhem/Hawthorn analeptics
Tate: Sister was taken, helps Mackie find her
Natalie: Tate's sister who was taken
Carlina: From the House of Mayhem and Rasputin singer
Luther: Carlina's boyfriend, member of Rasputin and HOM
The Morrigan: Leader in the House of Mayhem
The Cutter: Right hand of the lady/ House of Misery
The Lady: Leader of the House of Misery/takes children

For this book Mackie Doyle steals the spotlight. There are many leadership roles in this book, but he takes the cake. Although he has lived in Gentry since he was an infant he is part of The House of Mayhem, switched at birth by the Lady's right hand (The Cutter). Every seven years she takes one of theirs and replaces it with one of hers. Now, Tate's sister Natalie is one of the taken. Reluctantly, he agrees to help her find her sister and in the process angers the Lady. I fell in love in love with this book and the ending was perfect to me. It well deserves five stars and I can't wait to read more from this author.

" I loved this eerie and beautiful story of ugly things. It should be read aloud after dark, at a whisper."

- Maggie Steifvater -

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