Tuesday, April 30, 2013


"I shall do thee mischief in the woods. You are marked. You are mine."


 Katelyn had everything right in front of her. All of her dreams were within an arms reached until her mother's death. Now, just shy of 17, she is being forced to move from her spunky, up beat life, in LA to the backwoods of Wolf springs, Arkansas. Her father's murder years before, her mother's death, no chance for her dreams of dance or gymnastics,......what could possibly happen next?

That's easy! Boys....that's what happens next. Yes I said Boys, as in plural. The semi-anti-social trick and the super hot, ever popular, Justin. But alas, neither of these boys are what they appear to be and the choice between them will become even harder after one late night and a road side flat.

Something I genuinely liked was the character building and watching Katelyn become accustomed to a completely different life style. Props to her for this by the way. I was born and raised in Louisiana, so moving to a big city would be a big NO for me. Even more, I liked how the author was able to keep you guessing. Ultimately, you knew that the book was going to be about wolves but there were a lot of surprises and thanks to that OMG ending I cannot wait til the second book comes out. 

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