Sunday, July 14, 2013


List of Characters:

Grace: Lead female role/Sam's love
Olivia: Grace's best friend
Isabell: Friend to Grace and Sam
Sam: Lead male role/Grace's love
Beck: Leader when in human form/father figure to Sam
Ulrik: Sam's teacher
Paul: Pack Leader when in wolf form
Cole: New wolf to the pack/turned by Beck
Shelby: Power hungry wolf in the pack/crazy
Officer William Koenig: Plays a big role in all three books
Tom Culpeper: Father to Isabell and Jack/BIG Trouble

didn't like it it was ok (my current rating)

Again, I feel this book paled in comparison to the first book, Shiver. Linger was of course of the beaten path and unnecessary but Forever was a stretch. That is exactly what it felt like Mag was doing, Stretching. Again, there is a story here but the third book was the hardest to get through for me. It felt completely dragged out and I found my self yawning. The characters are admirable and the story is good but I feel that Linger and Forever could never compare to Shiver. There is a good story to be heard in all three books but when you see how wonderful Shiver is and then you go to Linger and Forever, you will understand. Its not the story in itself but the writing.

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