Sunday, July 14, 2013


List of Characters:

Grace: Lead female role/Sam's love
Olivia: Grace's best friend
Isabell: Jack's sister/school snob/big help to Grace and Sam
Sam: Lead male role/Grace's love
Beck: Leader when in human form/father figure to Sam
Ulrik: Sam's teacher
Paul: Pack Leader when in wolf form
Cole: New wolf to the pack/turned by Beck
Shelby: Power hungry wolf in the pack/crazy
Officer William Koenig: Plays a big role in all three books
Tom Culpeper: Father to Isabell and Jack/BIG Trouble

didn't like it it was ok (my current rating)

Honestly, I feel like this book was unnecessary. The first book ended perfectly to me and though it left a little room for imagination it brought Sam back to Grace. Also, the first book was so beautifully written and ultimately delightful in its wording that it makes this book pale in comparison. I do think the plot is something to commend and there is still a good story here but its hard to believe they came from the same author. No disrespect either,again still a good story just not as beautifully written in my opinion.

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